Finding Paths to Relief With Physical Therapy

Finding Paths to Relief With Physical Therapy

Finding Paths to Relief With Physical TherapyFinding Paths to Relief With Physical TherapyFinding Paths to Relief With Physical Therapy

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At Fairfield Universal Therapy, we believe successful treatment is based on individualized and patient-centered care. We'll help you meet your goals and return to living your best life.  We are a privately-owned, local, small business.  That means we can take the time to provide personal attention to each patient.  

How We Can Help You

Physical therapy can be highly effective to relieve pain and improve function by providing the specific treatment you need. When your pain makes it hard to move around and do everyday tasks that's when we come in to play. Our treatments are implemented to help you move better and relieve your pain. They also help improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level.   

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You always have a choice where you go for physical therapy. 

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Our Services

Our physical therapists offer therapy for a wide range of services including: joint and muscle injuries, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, massage therapy, dry needling, and women’s health.


Trigger Point Dry Needling

 Dry Needling is a medical technique performed by a skilled physical therapist to immediately reduce pain, muscle tension and improve mobility. It is used in a variety of musculoskeletal problems including, but not limited to:
acute or chronic injuries, headaches, neck pain, back pain, tendinitis, muscle spasms, Sciatica, Hip or knee pain, muscle strains, fibromyalgia, tennis or golfer’s elbow, overuse injuries, and much more. 

Manual Therapy Techniques

 Manual therapy is just one tool in a physical therapist’s kit that allows them to mobilization stiff joints and soft tissue. This specialized form of treatment helps in reducing swelling, decreasing restriction, mobilizing joints, and increasing your range of motion. Our physical therapists have received extensive training in specialized hands-on manual therapy techniques from a wide variety of schools and instructors.  

Therapeutic Exercise

 Exercise programs are aimed at improving health, so you can feel better than you did beforehand. Therapeutic exercise is similar in this way; however, it also implements targeted activities that are aimed at relieving pain and restoring you to your optimum level of physical function. Therapeutic exercise can also be used as a way to prevent additional impairment or disability when facing certain physical risks. There are a wide variety of therapeutic exercises and each one has a unique purpose. 

Balance and Vestibular Rehab

 Balance is the body’s ability to maintain one’s center of gravity over a moving or stationary base of support. Problems with your eyes, inner ear or sensation can manifest into symptoms, such as vertigo and dizziness. These symptoms can ultimately lead to imbalance, instability and an increased risk for falls. 

Our Team


Adam Conilogue, PT, DPT

Adam Conilogue, PT, DPT

Adam Conilogue, PT, DPT

Adam received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Creighton University.

He specializes in orthopedics and sports injuries, manual therapy, dry needling, and vestibular/balance rehab.


Dana Conilogue, PT, DPT

Adam Conilogue, PT, DPT

Adam Conilogue, PT, DPT

Dana received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Creighton University. She specializes in orthopedics and manual therapy, women's health, pain management. 

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